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We exposed waste and corruption behind the stimulus-funded “Green Jobs”. Top New York union bosses were caught in candid discussions regarding a federally-funded program known as “Green Jobs, Green New York,” with one leader calling much of the $112 million program “bullshit.”

It also captures union officials discussing their lobbying power with state and federal officials in passing of “job bills,” which help fund this scheme.

“The purpose of our investigation is to illustrate that many of the jobs being championed — and funded — by the Obama administration are merely paper positions that come at great expense to the American taxpayer. Digging holes just to fill them up again is not meaningful work, nor does it produce economic output for a recovery.” –James O’Keefe

Part 1

Legislators, Union Bosses Seek Funding for Digging Holes & Filling Them Back In

Undercover reporters posing as "Earth Supply and Renewal", a group dedicated to digging holes and filling them back in, meet with labor bosses, a NY Legislator, and a former NY Assemblyman, who tell them how to secure funding for "bullshit" Green Jobs.


Shelly Silver Responds to our video

After our video was released, Shelly Silver’s spokesman Michael Whyland commented in The Observer, saying “This is not reporting. This is not journalism. It doesn’t even rise to the level of a comic strip. This is the kind of stuff that gives honest reporters a bad name.” The Observer

Part 2

Earth Supply & Renewal Investigates SEIU

Undercover reporters posing as "Earth Supply and Renewal" meet with the President of the SEIU in Newark, NJ who explains how Green Jobs depends on Democrats being in office and how they receive support from the Union. He’s also caught telling of the Union’s disdain for Newark Mayor Corey Booker.


Shelly Silver Resigns Amid Corruption Charge Scandal

Three years after our video was released, Shelly Silver was found to have been collecting millions of dollars in bribes from the state. He resigned in disgrace, proving that our video was foreshadowing.

Featured In

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Additional Media Coverage

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