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President Trump's Ad Featuring Project Veritas

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Key Points

Today our First Amendment fight was given a greater voice with the most recent ad from President Trump himself.

Just like President Donald Trump, we have been silenced, raided, prosecuted, and relentlessly attacked when it comes to the truth that we report.

But today our fight was given a greater voice with the most recent ad from President Trump himself!

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As you know, three Project Veritas journalists were RAIDED by the FBI.

Countless others in our newsroom were SURVEILLED.

The government has vacuumed up our communications and documents as a way to harass your Project Veritas for years. 

Microsoft, Apple, and Google were all issued secret warrants to feed our company’s communications to the GOVERNMENT'S prosecutors. 

They only come after you when you’re challenging the real power structures. 

You see who is in power in America when you notice whom the deep state targets for elimination.

This is a battle we’ve been fighting since November 2020. This is when the government’s spy campaign first began, just two weeks after PV turned over the Biden Diary materials to law enforcement.

We’re not giving in - we are STILL fighting this legal battle against our own government – a battle that is extremely costly.

Despite these unconstitutional and dictatorial efforts to threaten a free press by silencing, demoralizing, and bankrupting Project Veritas – we’re fighting back, thanks to the support and help of the American people.

Your support helps us stay alive under this administration’s crushing weight.

America needs a fearless group of foot soldiers dedicated to carrying out the truth wherever and however that may lead us.

Though this government continues to attack Project Veritas in ways we never thought imaginable – our MISSION continues.

We are grateful for our supporters across the world who know Veritas journalism is needed now more than ever.

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