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Our Results

Our undercover journalism has led to real change in public and private institutions, federal and state investigations, and more.

The Most Effective Journalism Nonprofit in America

Our investigations create an uncontainable firestorm of press coverage that energizes the public to call for accountability from their leaders. Corruption is exposed, leaders resign, and organizations are shut down by those in power.

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Historic Legal Victories

We are the tip of the spear in the fight to protect and extend our First Amendment and journalistic privileges.
Historic Legal Victories

Federal and State Investigations

Veritas reporting on Big Tech Censorship, COVID-19, FBI Overreach, Child-trafficking, and more, has been cited in congressional hearings and investigations at both the state and federal levels.
Federal and State Investigations

Election Fraud Uncovered

Exposing voter fraud in multiple states leading to legislative changes in New Hampshire and an arrest in Texas.
Election Fraud Uncovered

Resignations and Firings

Resignations and firings of corrupt educators in California, New York, Connecticut. Exposure of actual malice by mainstream media leading to resignations and firings within CNN, ABC and NPR.
Resignations and Firings

Destination for Whistleblowers

The trusted destination for 50+ whistleblowers exposing corruption inside the FBI, DHS, Google, Facebook, CNN, FOX News, and...
Destination for Whistleblowers

...But Our Mission Continues

As long as corruption exists in our institutions, Project Veritas will be there to expose it. Join us.
...But Our Mission Continues

Our Most Explosive Undercover Stories

Below are just a few of the Project Veritas stories and undercover exposes that have permanently reshaped the public narrative.

‘WE NEVER TELL’: Planned Parenthood Helps 13 Year Olds Get Abortions in Nearby States to Evade Law

December 21, 2023

Pfizer Executive: ‘Mutate’ COVID via ‘Directed Evolution’ for Company to Continue Profiting Off of Vaccines … ‘COVID is Going to be a Cash Cow for Us’ … ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’

January 25, 2023

Pro-Antifa High School Teacher in California Admits Communist Indoctrination of Students ... ‘I Have 180 Days to Turn Them into Revolutionaries’

August 31, 2021

'Good Morning America' Host Reveals ABC News Spiked Bombshell Story Implicating Jeffrey Epstein, Threatened by Royal Family

November 5, 2019

Twitter Executive Mocks Elon Musk for Free Speech Stance ... ‘The Rest of Us Who Have Been Here Believe in Something that’s Good for the Planet, and Not Just to Give People Free Speech’

May 17, 2022

Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

January 10, 2022

‘Anarchist’ Middle School English Teacher Admits He Wants to ‘Burn Down the Entire System’ After Previously Being Exposed for ‘Woke’ Indoctrination of Students … ‘F**k’ the Parents … ‘I’m Your Parent Now’

October 3, 2022

Prestigious NYC Private School Director Touts ‘Sneaking’ Her Political ‘Agenda’ into Classrooms: ‘Disrupt Wherever I Can’ … ‘I Felt Like a Double Agent’ … ‘Huge Contingent’ of White Boys ‘Are Just Horrible’

September 1, 2022

EXPOSED: Greenwich CT Assistant Principal’s Hiring Discrimination Ensures ‘Subtle’ Child Indoctrination; ‘You Don’t Hire’ Catholics Because They Are More ‘Conservative’ … ‘Progressive Teachers’ Are ‘Savvy About Delivering a Democratic Message’

August 30, 2022

BREAKING: FBI Whistleblowers Leaks Document Showing Bureau Targeting ‘News Media’

May 11, 2022

Cited by Lawmakers and Testifying Before Congress

Once again, Project Veritas was called to testify before Congress or was cited in major investigations.