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PART TWO: HiTOPS Designs Sexual Identity Training for Kindergartners

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Key Points

  • Lisa Shelby, HiTOPS Executive Director: “Everyone has a sexual, gender identity. Everyone…has an expression. And it starts when you’re tiny.”

  • Stacy Robustelli, HiTOPS Director of Education and Administration: “One of the most rewarding experiences, we were in a local…elementary school and we were in grades three, four, and five. And after we were there, five students went to the principal’s office and came out (self-disclosed their sexual orientation as LGBT) and it was just so incredibly touching.”

  • Judy Walker, HiTOPS Director of Advancement – "We have a closet…there’s all kinds of stuff. There’s personal items, binders, packers. You know, stuff for non-binary and trans kids to be comfortable in their bodies. They can come get stuff for free. Try it on… in an affirming space.”

[PRINCETON, NJ] Project Veritas today released additional undercover footage of HiTOPS employees revealing their efforts to offer sexual and gender identity trainings to elementary aged children. In a recording obtained by Project Veritas, HiTOPS’ Director of Education and Administration, Stacy Robustelli, shared that five students “came out” as LGBTQ as a result of HiTOPS’ training of students in grades three, four, and five.

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Part one of this series revealed that HiTOPS, a youth-focused LGBTQ and sexual education nonprofit, employs covert tactics to introduce sexually oriented curriculum into middle and high schools through backdoor channels without parental consent.

Though branded as a traditional health and sexual education organization, HiTOPS Health Educator, Hannah Wiers discussed the nonprofit’s transition into “affirming work” related to gender identity and gender expression.

In part two, multiple HiTOPS employees echo this point as they discussed their desire to reach elementary aged children with what they call “early intervention” programming, citing the need to teach children while they are “open and malleable” and forming their sexual identities.

Along with the curriculum HiTOPS teaches within schools, HiTOPS also offers a closet for LGBTQ youth where they can obtain free clothes and personal items such as binders and packers – items commonly used to flatten one's chest or create the perception of a bulge in the crotch area. It is unknown if parents are informed that their children receive these items from HiTOPS.

Judy Walker, Director of Advancement at HiTOPS, admitted that while some consider the nonprofit’s efforts to be sexual “grooming,” HiTOPS does not agree.

However, in part one, Wiers admitted that HiTOPS encourages educators to utilize school-issued computers to discuss preferred pronouns with children through google surveys sent directly to students without parental knowledge. She also shared that there are occasions where HiTOPS staff attempt to discuss a child’s sexual identity with the child “privately… without the parent around.”

Following part one, HiTOPS deleted its official twitter account, and removed its listing staff and board members from its website.

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