Project Veritas

About Project Veritas

We produce the nation's best investigative journalism. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit funded solely by the American people.

Our Mission

We are journalists exposing corruption in government, media, big tech, politics, education, and beyond through undercover video.

Our History

Project Veritas has been the collection of a small group of idealistic truth-telling journalists from its inception in 2010. Frustrated by the mainstream’s power to silence important voices and stories, Project Veritas chose not to complain about the media but instead decided to become the media. James O'Keefe founded Project Veritas in the wake of Hannah Giles' successful ACORN Investigation. Hundreds of major investigations later, Project Veritas has resurrected the great American tradition of investigative journalism and proven its potential to reveal stubbornly hidden truths.

Since 2010, many bright and unsung men and women have gone undercover to expose the corruption of society’s most powerful people and institutions. With the financial backing of generous everyday Americans, Veritas has produced some of the nation’s best journalism, won fundamental first amendment battles, and permanently reestablished a standard for truth in media.

Our Values

We uncompromisingly cherish the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights.

Freedom of Speech. The government has no business regulating any speech. The government has no right to use third-parties, contractors, and business relationships, to silence, suppress, or otherwise oppress, the rights of American citizens to speak on any matter.

Freedom to Speak. People should be allowed to say controversial things without having to worry about losing their jobs. People should be free to say foolish and dumb things without having to worry about disproportionate consequences to themselves.

Freedom of the Press. Media outlets are good, and no media outlet should be trying to silence the speech of another outlet. There's no press freedom when ideologues and operatives use the same talking points to suppress content and regurgitate deceptive evasions.

In every story we produce, we seek to elevate the morals of journalism but also the quality of content produced in journalism. 

The Mission Continues

In 2023 Project Veritas parted with our founder. While we will always appreciate James’ founding vision for Project Veritas, we know that the mission of exposing corruption and bringing truth to the American people is too important to give up on. Our unwavering team of journalists is still hard at work around the country investigating the issues that matter to our supporters. Learn more about the results of our reporting.