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Freedom Fest 2023: What Federal Whistleblowers Revealed to Project Veritas

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When you can’t trust the government, and you can’t trust corporate media – where do you go to report wrongdoing?

Nearly 50 whistleblowers have chosen Project Veritas as their trusted journalists to expose the corruption they’ve witnessed inside Big Tech, Big Pharma, Legacy Media, and the Federal Government.

Project Veritas has developed an entire department dedicated to developing tips and working with insider sources to carefully reveal their evidence of corruption to the American public.

On July 13th, three of these courageous whistleblowers joined the Project Veritas team, to present their revelations at Freedom Fest in Memphis.

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Panel Highlights

"I'm going to continue to speak the truth until children are rescued, criminals are prosecuted, and the United States government no longer is putting billions of dollars to traffic children."

Tara Rodas, HHS Whistleblower

"When I'm relaying information from a whistleblower back to our team, I am maintaining a layer of confidentiality... These three put everything on the line... These three are so much braver than I could ever be."

Arden Young, Investigative Journalist for Project Veritas

"At Project Veritas, what do we do? We take on the highest risk and we work really hard and I think the nation is going to be better for it."

Hannah Giles, Project Veritas CEO

"I felt scared, I felt disgusted, I felt desperate... But now I feel really good because feel like I'm actually doing things that are good."

Aaron Stevenson, DHS Whistleblower

"If we're going to say this is a land of the free & home of the brave, we have to act like that."

Kyle Seraphin, FBI Whistleblower


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