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TOO YOUNG: Veritas Exposes the Transgender ‘Health’ Industry

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Key Points

Project Veritas previously exposed the growing transgender "health" industry cashing in on lifelong patients - now coming under further scrutiny due to the release of the WPATH Files. You can watch our three-part investigation examining the doctors and clinics offering transgender interventions to minors below.

“Gender affirming care" will be remembered as one of the biggest medical abuse scandals in American history.

Project Veritas previously exposed this growing medical industry cashing in on lifelong patients - now coming under further scrutiny due to Michael Shellenberger's #WPATHFILES.

Watch a recap of our investigations below.

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In 2022 Veritas blew the lid of WPATH (The World Professional Association for Transgender Health) - the professional organization which standardized the pseudoscience behind “gender affirming care.”

We published a leaked internal call which showed doctors admitting they know their patients aren't “in a brain space” to make life-altering medical decisions. Despite this knowledge, WPATH doctors enourage patients toward irreversible cross-sex hormones and genital mutilation surgery anyway.

This practice was confirmed in our interview with Prisha Mosley, a brave detransition whistleblower, who spoke to us about the psychiatrists and doctors who profited from her mental illness.

After only a 15 minute consultation with Prisha, doctors rubberstamped testosterone - and shortly thereafter, a radical double masectomy at just 18 years old. They convinced her parents,"it's transition or suicide."

We uncovered this and more in our 3-Part investigation entitled, #TooYoung. Watch Full Series Below.

After Veritas undercover camera captured Austin, TX doctors admitting to unlawful gender transition treatments on EIGHT year olds, Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, launched an investigation.

As a result, EVERY doctor departed the adolescent health division of Dell Children’s Medical Center featured in our investigation.

Watch the Full #TooYoung Series below.

TOO YOUNG PART ONE exposes WPATH-connected doctors prescribing puberty blockers to minors as young as eight, and irreversible cross-gender hormones to minors as young as 14-years-old.

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TOO YOUNG PART TWO exposes medical professionals who confirmed that children are being submitted to gender transitions without concern for legal restrictions that may be in place to prevent them. Health professionals admit high autism rates among minor patients and a network of psychatrists who will "rubber stamp" the irreversible surgeries that will permanently disfigure its patients.

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TOO YOUNG PART THREE reveals how the transgender “health” industry functions as a cash-cow profiting billions off of underage patients who become lifelong patients.

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Project Veritas' undercover reporting gave a first glimpse inside the MEDICAL DISASTER known as "gender affirming" care. If you appreciate this work, please donate today.

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