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11/04/21 - SDNY/FBI Issue and Execute Search Warrant For James O'Keefe and multiple Project Veritas Journalists

We have provided a downloadable copy of the search warrant here.

11/05/21 - James O'Keefe statement on FBI raids of Project Veritas

11/08/21 - Tucker Carlson on FBI raiding Project Veritas: “This is totally third world and it’s an attack on press freedom.”

11/08/21 - James O'Keefe and attorney Paul Calli join Sean Hannity

11/09/21 - New York Times Media Columnist Ben Smith tweets that journalists shouldn't be "cheerleading" raid on James O'Keefe and Project Veritas journalists

11/10/21 - Project Veritas legal counsel submits Motion to Appoint Special Master

View the entire motion here.

11/11/21 - United States District Judge Analisa Torres orders Department of Justice to stop extracting data from James O'Keefe's cell phones and ordered a hearing.

11/11/21 - Harmeet Dhillon joins Tucker Carlson to discuss FBI raids on Project Veritas and James O'Keefe and potential leaks to The New York Times

11/13/21 - Politico's Josh Gerstein publishes article titled "FBI raid on Project Veritas founder's home sparks questions about press freedom"

Read the entire article here.

11/14/21 - ACLU Releases Comment on FBI Raid of James O'Keefe

See their full press release here.

11/15/21 - Senator Tom Cotton sends letter demanding answers on FBI raids from Attorney General Merrick Garland

Read the full letter here.

11/15/21 - Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press sends letter DEFENDING Project Veritas

Notable journalists on the committee include Wolf Blitzer - CNN, Josh Gerstein - Politico, Karen Kaiser - AP, Matt Thompson - New York Times,  James Grimaldi - Wall Street Journal, Pierre Thomas - ABC News, Jane Mayer - New Yorker, Andrea Mitchell - NBC News, Jennifer Sondag - Bloomberg News

See their full letter here.

11/15/21 - Committee to Protect Journalists makes statement expressing concern over FBI raid of James O'Keefe

"...the FBI’s recent raids on the organization’s founder and his associates represent a concerning overreach by law enforcement. The government must provide a clear link between members of Project Veritas and alleged criminal activity before searching their homes for information about source material. Conducting raids without this kind of link sets a dangerous precedent that could allow law enforcement to search and confiscate reporters’ unpublished source material in vague attempts to identify whistleblowers.”

Read their entire statement here.

11/15/21 - Project Veritas legal counsel issues scathing letter to United States District Judge Analisa Torres over Government 'leaks' to the New York Times

Read the entire letter here.

11/17/21 - Rep. Madison Cawthorn delivers scathing remarks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Project Veritas FBI raids

11/17/21 - Senator Chuck Grassley raises serious questions about FBI’s handling of raids on James O’Keefe and potential leaks to The New York Times

Read the entire letter here.

11/18/21 - Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. James Comer, and Sen. Ron Johnson send letter to United States Attorney General Merrick Garland asking questions about FBI raid

Read the entire letter here.

11/22/21 - Project Veritas Files Response to Government's "Not-A-Journalist" Argument In Context of Why a Special Master Should be Appointed

Read the full response here.

12/08/21 - SPECIAL MASTER APPOINTED:  Federal Judge Analisa Torres Orders Special Master Over FBI Seizing of O'Keefe Phones, Citing “Journalistic Privilege”

Read the entire order here.

12/23/21 - Project Veritas submits FOIA Request for all DOJ and FBI communications referring to Project Veritas or James O’Keefe

See the full FOIA request here.

01/17/22 -  SDNY v. PV: Project Veritas rejects government’s attempt to force Veritas to pay for Special Master. “The government’s arguments … reduce to ‘news organization Project Veritas and similarly situated journalists may only enjoy their First Amendment rights so long as they can pay for them.’”  The First Amendment does not have a price tag.

Read the full letter here.

03/16/22 - Project Veritas Publishes Video of Unconstitutional Raid on Journalist’s Home

03/22/22 - Microsoft Corporation Legal Documents Show Biden DOJ Spying on Project Veritas Journalists; Hides it from Federal Court Judge

03/22/22 - Project Veritas Attorney Paul Calli files motion requesting preliminary relief from multiple government seizures of news-gathering, attorney-client privileged, and personal materials from Project Veritas and its journalists.

Read the entire motion here.

03/22/22 - ACLU Comments on Allegations of Federal Law Enforcement Secretly Accessing Project Veritas' Emails

Read the entire comment here.

03/23/22 - Biden DOJ RESPONDS in Late Night Filing, Admitting They Spied on Project Veritas

Read the entire filing here.

03/23/22 - James O'Keefe Joins Sean Hannity to Discuss FBI Raid Footage and DOJ 'Secret Warrants' Into Project Veritas Emails

03/24/22 - Project Veritas Attorney Paul Calli Submits Letter to Court Reaffirming Position that Project Veritas is Entitled to Relief Sought in 03/22/22 Filed Motion

Read his entire response.

03/25/22 - Project Veritas Requests 14 Days to Serve and File Written Objections Once Dockets Relating to Microsoft Orders & Warrants Become Unsealed

Read the entire request here.

03/25/22 - Government Filed Sur-Reply Claiming it "Employed" a Filter Team in Reviewing Microsoft's Documents But Refuses to Disclose Whether Journalistic and Attorney-Client Privileged Materials and Source Information Were Included

Read the entire response here.

03/26/2022 - Project Veritas responds to Sur-Reply Filed by Government, Reiterates Request For Order Granting Preliminary Relief

Read the entire response here.

04/06/22 - Bi-Partisan Group of Congressional Legislators Mark Up H.R. 7072 & H.R. 4330 Supporting Project Veritas and Press Freedom

04/13/22 - Project Veritas Announces DOJ Secretly Spied on Journalists’ and Security Detail’s Apple and Google Accounts

04/13/22 - Project Veritas Announces Motion Seeking Return of Property

Read the entire motion here.

05/10/22 - James O'Keefe Answers Questions From Congressional Members Regarding DOJ & FBI Attacks on Press Freedom

05/12/22 - FBI Whistleblower Leaks Document Showing Bureau Targeting ‘News Media’


11/02/22 - Rep. Jim Jordan Sends Scathing Letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland Announcing Oversight of DOJ Operations & Demanding Transparency in Project Veritas Case Including Leaks to The New York Times

Read the full letter here.

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