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HIDDEN CAMERA: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning”

In the latest undercover Project Veritas video investigation, nine current and former Twitter employees are on camera explaining steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don’t like.

James O’Keefe has just completed a book about this series entitled “AMERICAN PRAVDA: My fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News.” The book will be released by St. Martin’s Press on January 16, 2018.

Pre-order the book: http://www.americanpravdabook.com


  • Tay LaPeen

    To all the haters remember this: The Resistance is LONG, STRONG and DOWN to get the FRICTION on!

    • Osamas Pajamas

      The fake “resistance” put themselves forward as if they are similar to the underground resistance movements before, during, and after World War II, against the Nazi, Fascist, and Soviet communist dictatorships. But these fake “resisters” are nothing more than AntiFa-type fascists, themselves — they claim to oppose fascism, all the while behaving precisely like fascists. I advocate their wholesale destruction.

  • The traitors say think of the kids of the world. They speak of love.
    Think of your kids.
    Think long and hard about your progeny.
    What kind of nation are you leaving them?
    google: contact congress
    1. Pick up phone &/or get online.
    2. If you’re a red dot in a blue district call a whole lot more.
    3. Contact your congressmen &/or women.
    4. Spread the word …… twice.
    5. Tell others to spread the word …… twice.
    Show them love.
    Burn the lines.

  • Charlie D

    Most immigrants of old: Assimilate, contribute, and build. Most immigrants of new: Dominate, abuse, and destroy.
    Anecdotally, my family came to America three decades ago, and I for one love her more than any other nation on Earth, because her laws ensure basic rights, her land beautiful, and her people more decent than those in virtually all other nations. We’ve always striven to be Americanized and work hard.
    Fast forward 30 years. Most immigrants now come here to force their way onto America. They refuse to learn her language while forcing their own language onto native citizens in schools and institutions. Abusing her social welfare system, terrorizing her people, and destroying her ways of life…We need no more of this. Enough is enough.
    Controlled and limited immigration is good, not uncontrolled and especially not illegal.

  • Leonie Arries


  • Clinton

    I’d love to see President Trump delete his Twitter account and move over
    to a platform such as Gab that doesn’t engage in the censorship Twitter does.
    It’d draw attention to Twitter’s bad behavior, and give its competition a
    huge boost. Furthermore, there’d be the delicious sight of all the lefty
    ‘journalists’ having to open their own Gab accounts in order to follow the
    President’s posts. So much winning, on so many levels…

  • Teddy

    Good work, O’Keefe. Need more people like you with the guts to beat back the Leftist Commie bastards hell-bent on destroying this country. America is becoming Amerika. We have already been infiltrated by our Commie enemies both from within and without. America’s kids are already in indoctrination camps called “public schools (aka government schools) being dumbed-down daily and their parents aren’t even aware of it or care. Then these same kids go to more Leftist indoctrination camps called colleges and universities where Leftist/Commie professors finish the kids off into duplicates of themselves. America is in a very sad state of affairs. Not only that, it is being proven that our so-called “justice” system has been corrupted by Leftist/Commie operatives and that Justice is no longer blind because the Left has forced her to be biased. THIS is not real justice. Thinking people already knew these things bc once you know the M.O. of the Left (read Communist Manifesto) it all makes sense and is no surprise that social media is secretly censoring. And it’s not just Twitter. Twitter just got caught. Thanks to their lose lips they are sinking their own ships. Their computer engineers are not as smart as they think they are. If you still think that a dossier of info and data of every communique, text, tweet, post, phone call you make, your whereabouts tracked by the GPS in your phone and other devices, you are willfully blind, ignorant, or both. It’s what the Communists do to their people in North Korea, China, Russia, North Vietnam, etc. It is not real freedom. When a country no longer has true justice and freedom, it is no longer truly free and no longer truly just. Our govt has been infiltrated with Commie operatives for quite sometime and they made great advancements under the Clinton and Bush regimes, but especially under Obama. Hillary & Co. didn’t expect to lose and be found out, but thanks be to God she did, otherwise it would be curtains on America much sooner. The only way this ship can be righted, is to rout out all corruption, drain the swamp, get rid of every Obama holdover down to pet sitter & dishwasher, and our Congressmens’ mistresses who have historically always been used to weasel and worm their way in by manipulating men who only care about satisfying their basest desires, let the duty, honor, country be damned, and then these “Honey Pots” take the info back to their operatives and talk. It wasn’t Trump that colluded with Russia; it was clearly Hillary et al. and the rest of real Americans that are thinking people already knew it. She abused her S.O.S. power along with Obama who approved it which makes him guilty as sin too (just one reason McConnell didn’t want Congress “to go there”, & the other reason is prob bc a number of members of Congress on both sides are involved in that profit or similar corrupt deals & don’t want to be found out) , all w/o Congressional approval as representatives of We the People, to sell our American lands’ uranium mined by our enemy Russia right out from under our collective noses, and the Leftist/Commies have the audacity to try to tell stupid American people that it was Trump? What are they smoking? The whole thing is about building nukes to take out Israel, and Leftist/Commies and people that are anti-Jew support it.

  • Teddy


  • TimothyMacAren

    And what else is new?
    The NYT applied that technique since… always. They are the organ of a group. Their goal is to develop, empower, and profit, the group. That is the way in Capitalism. My own experience was Google, circa 2007, not showing web-pages opposite to their political views.

    Facebook has been fined for that in Europe.

    And the opposite is true as well: Groups highlighting and exaggerating and brainwashing with, what they want. And Groups hampering other groups. And Groups forwarding what they want, to what and to whom may or may not be convenient for society.

    But in reality, I thank Project Veritas for circulating words for those misdeeds.

  • Dst1964srq

    Although this Twitter project is disturbing, it’s not surprising in the least. The MSM has forever used its biases to brainwash the American people. It does now have me thinking of getting off of all of these social media platforms. I rarely visit my Facebook and Twitter accounts and now I’ll only use them to inform my followers that the entire platform is a scam. There’s no need to give my opinion when I now know that at any time it could result in censorship. Someone mentioned Gab as an alternative to Twitter. Are there any other platforms that are on the rise that are worth looking into?

  • Thanks for banning my twitter account, the 4th time – only quoting genocidal https://quran.com/4/89 9/5 monster allah https://quran.com/5/38-40

  • Fritz_Katz

    Is there somewhere we could go to download the raw-unedited footage?

    I’m in an argument with a progressive on facebook who says: “Okeefe’s got a history of unwillingness to release raw-unedited footage, so it’s hardly irrational to question it – especially since he has been proven in court of malicious defamation through deceptive editing (such as ACORN)”.

    He goes on to say: “James O’Keefe is a twice (thrice?) proven criminal propagandist that edits footage into straight up falsehood.”

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