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NEW VIDEO: Twitter Senior Engineer “more than happy” to Release Private Trump Messages to DOJ

A Project Veritas undercover investigation has revealed a senior network security engineer at Twitter suggesting that his company turns over the private communications and deleted tweets of President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice. If true, it is yet unknown whether Twitter is voluntarily disclosing this sensitive information or acting under a court order. Twitter is currently in the midst of defending itself from left-leaning criticism that President Trump hasn’t been removed from the enormous media platform for violations of Twitter’s Terms of Service.

Mr. O’Keefe has just completed a book about this series entitled “AMERICAN PRAVDA: My fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News.” The book will be released by St. Martin’s Press on January 16, 2018.

Pre-order the book: http://www.americanpravdabook.com

Note: At 2:42, we mistakenly stated that the meeting occurred on January 3, 2017. The meeting actually occurred on January 3, 2018.

  • nickeldoor5


    • Fat Clemenza

      Because these losers agree more with the terrorists – “freedom fighters!” – than they do the POTUS.

  • blah

    Back in the day US Steel was broken up that at its peak had peanuts compared to these America hating Social media sites. Put em up against the wall.

  • G Man

    OK, then Twitter must go.

  • ed delgado

    Sadly nothing in the E-World is private people, Nothing! This is added in the middle of the 25 page disclaimer many fail to read when signing up.

  • Craigster

    Always assume that some filthy liberal worm is “working” at one of those feminized social networks and that the worm has access to your personal information.

  • PoopyFace

    Great work James and Team.

  • Donna

    These young people have no idea what they are giving up by allowing this type of crap to go on. This is ridiculous and I hope I am long gone by the time we have one-world government and these people have their hands tied behind their backs by people who are over them. It’s coming. And he also hasn’t got a clue that being a bully is a good thing. I read where Churchhill was considered a maniac and a bully. Look what he did for the world! I hope this man loses his job immediately.

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