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O’Keefe Goes Undercover in Greece During Financial Crisis

This Project Veritas video shows an unfettered view of Greece’s citizens on their country’s economic crisis. Project Veritas President, James O’Keefe was chased from riots under the threat of violence and was even tear-gassed. And O’Keefe and other Project Veritas journalists infiltrated the Communist, Socialist, and Anarchist movements and even captured Members of the Greece’s Parliament on hidden camera. In this new video, Andreas Katsaniotis, a Member of the Hellenic Parliament (Greece’s legislative body) was caught on hidden camera saying: “The referendum is so foggy…” Referring to the recent national referendum in Greece on whether to accept the bailout conditions jointly proposed by the European Commission, International Monetary Fund, and European Central Bank. As the situation in Greece continued to deteriorate O’Keefe and other Project Veritas journalists were right there to capture the footage. Things got particularly intense when they spoke to members of the anarchist movement. One anarchist, who would only identify himself as Paolo and was covering his face with a black bandana, was caught on hidden camera saying: “One day we’ll burn, not only parliament, parliament and the police stations.” O’Keefe also attempted to vote in the recent Greek Referendum. Unlike his numerous attempts in the United States, O’Keefe was told that photo ID was necessary to vote in Greece. In fact, the Greek poll worker was shocked that the U.S. did not have such laws saying: “You go to vote and you will not give an ID, and how they know you are the one you say you are?” Website: Donate: Facebook: Twitter: