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Yonkers Inspector General Says He Wants Union Officials Caught On Camera Immediately Fired

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One week following the release of Project Veritas’s undercover investigation into the Yonkers teachers union, News 12 reported that Brendan McGrath, the Yonkers inspector general launched an investigation into the Yonkers Federation of Teachers.

“We’re looking at this as a pattern of practice by the union, and whether or not this is something that they do as a matter of course. If there are people out there, teachers part of the 1,800 member union out there that have had an experience like this and have a conscience, they may want to come forward,” said McGrath.


However, the Inspector General has now had a chance to reach out to Patricia Puleo and Paul Diamond, the leaders of the Yonkers Federation of Teachers, and according to The Journal News,  McGrath is calling for the immediate termination of  those union officials who were featured in the first undercover teachers union video. According to a letter written by the Inspector General on June 27, 2016, Puleo and Diamond “failed to cooperate in that they refused to answer questions directly related to the investigation.”

McGrath also added that a full report of the investigation will be released.

Meanwhile, the American Federation of Teachers has hired an investigator to investigate the two union officials who were caught on camera in the undercover Project Veritas investigation.

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