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WND Gives Kudos to Project Veritas Journalists

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UPDATE: WND mentions Project Veritas again in a separate article about Target boycott 

After Project Veritas released its undercover video from North Carolina, conservative media was quick to react. WND was the first to respond to the video which featured Project Veritas journalists posing as undercover sexual predators at UNC who claimed to take advantage of UNC’s apparent refusal to uphold the bathroom law.

“Two reporters from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, known for its undercover video investigations into Common Core, elections and more, have taken their work to a school in North Carolina, which recently adopted a law requiring men to use restrooms for men, and women to use women’s rooms.”

The Title IX Administrator and mandatory reporter at the University of North Carolina-Asheville seemed to turn a blind eye to a report of sexual deviancy in the women’s bathroom. As reported by WND, “The investigation captured on video a school diversity official declaring she didn’t think it was wrong for a woman to use a men’s room because it was a “turn-on.”

A female undercover journalist illustrated the same can happen when gender roles are reversed, as well as the fact that North Carolina’s “bathroom law” is not being enforced.

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