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Who is Jennifer Longoria?

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Meet Jennifer Longoria, a Battleground Texas Field Organizer in San Antonio

By James O’Keefe

Battleground Texas is an organization founded by Obama’s former national field director Jeremy Bird and is staffed by largely former Obama campaign operatives.

Their goal? To flip Texas to a democratic state in order to win elections not just in 2014, but for years to come.

Longoria is a Deputy Registrar, which means she can sign people up to vote. Empowering people to vote is always a good thing and a principle this country stands on.

What this country doesn’t stand on however is breaking the law to win elections.

Project Veritas caught Longoria on tape copying detailed information off voter registration forms including phone numbers, which is illegal. We didn’t catch this happening just once or twice, but over and over again.

Longoria has been working for Battleground Texas since June of 2013. One has to wonder just how much voter information she’s illegally stolen since then. 

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