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We are changing the machine… NEA Emails LEAKED!

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RESULTS: New Jersey Education Association Investigation

But beyond the suspensions, resignations, and bi-partisan calls for legislative hearings, our videos have accomplished something else. Something massive.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been receiving messages from individuals inside of these unions, saying they’re on our side! They believe the union officials we’ve exposed are repulsive and that their eagerness to not report abuse of students is dangerous.

Something in the air is telling us that we’re hitting a turning point with how people talk about public sector teachers unions. It used to be that individuals would never dare criticize teachers unions.

Not anymore.

Sources on the inside supporting us in private is one thing (which is great, and do so here.) But last Friday, somebody with access to internal NEA communications went public and aired his grievances with the union for all to see.

This is a monumental moment – a crack in the narrative dam that protects society’s sacred cows from being challenged.

Some of the individual’s words were particularly biting:

“I have no doubt I will lose some support and friends over publishing this email and my opinions on it. I believe it is the right thing to do.”

“I am not a right-wing conservative.  I am not a dyed in the wool liberal either.  I’m just a dad trying to shed light on things.”

“… why [the teachers] would tie themselves to an organization that will always be about protecting their brand first baffles me at this point.”

The individual also published some of the NEA’s internal crises communications prompted from our video release. Those emails talk more about protecting their image than addressing what we exposed- the issues that jeopardize student safety. Shameless… here are some bites from that email:

“At last night’s meeting, we discussed Project Veritas and how they are infiltrating local unions around the country… This is not for widespread consumption. We do not want to give Project Veritas the attention they seem t think they deserve… please refrain from Googling ‘Project Veritas’ and don’t view their videos on YouTube. We don’t want to give them hits.”

“This is very, very real. No one should speak to someone unless they know the person.”

We have more video coming out this week. The next state is Ohio. Prepare yourselves accordingly, Ohio union officials… you’ll never know who might go public next!

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