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Voter Fraud Controversy Still Brewing in New York Two Weeks After Project Veritas’ Undercover Primary Day Investigation

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Nearly two weeks after the New York Primary, the New York Board of Elections has yet to fully investigate the reported fraud and corruption that took place on New York’s Primary Day April 19, 2016.

On New York’s Primary Day, Project Veritas Journalists visited numerous poll sites across the five boroughs of New York City and engaged in conversations with election officials in an effort to expose the broken and fraudulent election system in New York.

According to the New York Daily News, the issue has yet to be resolved as “furious voters who didn’t get to cast ballots in last month’s primary elections erupted in shouts and epithets Tuesday at a Board of Election hearing in Manhattan” on May 3, 2016.

In undercover video captured by Project Veritas, an election official most likely commits a felony by advising a journalist on how to vote outside of her district. The video also shows how chaotic polling locations across New York were on Election Day.

The New York Daily News reported, “both the state attorney general and the city controller launched investigations into allegations of voter purging from the rolls — especially in Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders’ home borough of Brooklyn. Investigators said some 126,000 Brooklyn voters were removed from voter lists between November and April, or marked ‘Inactive’.”

While many people in Brooklyn were not able to vote, Project Veritas journalists caught an election official on camera advising the journalist on how she can get away with committing voter fraud by voting Democratic in Brooklyn by means of using a false address. “The only thing I can tell you is that we go by word. So if you, we can only go we don’t interview and question. If you basically say that you reside in an address. If you give me an address, we look up the address and we put you in and you attest to the fact that you live there. So that’s your call”, said poll worker Sharon Sweeting-Lindsey.

There is a high probability that Sweeting-Lindsey committed a felony. Under New York election law, “Any election officer who “wilfully violates any provision of the election law relative to the registration of electors or to the taking, recording, counting, canvassing, tallying or certifying of votes, or who wilfully neglects or refuses to perform any duty imposed on him by law, or is guilty of any fraud in the execution of the duties of his office, or connives in any electoral fraud, or knowingly permits any such fraud to be practiced, is guilty of a felony.”  N.Y. Elec. 17-106. Under N.Y. Elec. 17-132(2), it is illegal for any person who “aids, assists, counsels or advises any person to go or come into any election district, for the purpose of voting at any electionknowing that such person is not qualified.”

New York law also says, “Under N.Y. Elec. 17-132(4), it is illegal for any person who “aids, assists, commands or advises another to vote or offer or attempt to vote at an election, knowing that such person is not qualified to vote thereat.”  Similarly, under N.Y. Elec. 17-132(5) it is illegal for anyone who “Prompts a person, applying to vote, to falsely answer questions put to him by the inspectors concerning his identity or qualifications for voting.

At another polling location, a journalist from Yonkers asks to vote in Brooklyn. By law, she is not allowed to vote in Brooklyn, but the election worker lets her anyway, despite the journalist reaffirming that she lives in Yonkers. “Okay no problem. Just fill this out…and sign and date. And this will be your ballot, and it will be counted as well,” said the poll worker. The poll worker was also willing to let a van full of Project Veritas journalists posing as out-of-town voters vote in Brooklyn as well.

However, according to the New York Daily News, “the BOE has yet to give a full explanation of what went wrong on the April 19 presidential primaries.”

Despite having not fixed the wide spread voter fraud issues in New York City, Michael Ryan, the BOE executive director said, “Despite what others may think, we run a clean shop here, and I can vouch for not only for my own integrity but for the integrity of our staff.”

Project Veritas will continue to investigate voter fraud and corruption throughout the election cycle.

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