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Update: Voter ID Bill Passes NH House with Veto-Proof Majority

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Five months after Project Veritas released our first investigative report on voter fraud in New Hampshire, the state’s House of Representatives passed SB 289, a bill that will help prevent future fraud. Last June, Governor John Lynch vetoed similar legislation, claiming there wasn’t enough evidence of fraud. This year SB 289 passed by an overwhelming 255-103 majority, large enough to override the governor’s veto.

What changed? The answer is Project Veritas.

Not only have our investigative reports helped bring national attention to the critical issue of voter fraud, but we have also been credited by state legislators with inspiring them to solve this problem once and for all. In fact, Project Veritas made such an impression with our investigation in New Hampshire that the state Attorney General recently tried to serve James O’Keefe with a criminal subpoena, despite the fact that no crimes were committed in the filming of our report.

New Hampshire joins Minnesota and Mississippi, two other states where Project Veritas has been cited as a driving force behind legislative changes to end voter fraud. But our unprecedented record of effectiveness is not enough. Reports of rampant fraud during the Wisconsin recall election serve to demonstrate that election integrity remains a serious concern nationwide, and one that is only now getting the attention it deserves.

Project Veritas will not stop exposing the truth until we’ve ended voter fraud once and for all.

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