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Update: Virginia Governor Signs Voter ID Bill into Law

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Just days after Project Veritas released our latest investigation into voter fraud in North Carolina, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell finally signed his state’s voter ID legislation into law.

From the Washington Post:

“’Every qualified citizen has the right to cast one vote. Not two votes; not zero votes,’ McDonnell said in signing two bills passed this winter that change procedures for handling voters who show up at the polls without accepted identification.”

With this new law, Virginia joins states like New Hampshire, Minnesota, Texas and Mississippi, all of which have taken decisive steps this year toward correcting problems within their electoral systems that could lead to voter fraud.

Project Veritas has been credited with helping to create the political environment necessary for these changes by educating voters about the problem of fraud in a crucial election year.

During the last six months, we have seen more action taken to curb voter fraud across the country than was taken in the previous six years. Much of that is due to the attention Project Veritas has helped bring to the issue through our series of hidden-camera reports.

Of course, as the Post goes on to report, many voter-fraud-deniers have predictably “compared [Virginia’s new law] to Jim Crow-era efforts to dissuade black voters in the South, and questioned its introduction just before presidential and senatorial elections in a battleground state.”

No matter how many times we debunk the myth that concerns about voter fraud are somehow racist, that is always the first thing our opponents in the establishment media and their political allies claim.

We can only hope that more elected representatives take action to correct the problems Project Veritas has exposed.

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