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To Catch a Journalist – Part IV – “Hiding in Plain Sight”

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In the fourth installment of our investigation “To Catch a Journalist” a pattern has emerged that’s unequivocal . . . journalists and journalism professors hate when they are the ones being asked difficult questions.

Our latest video focuses on another Pulitzer Prize winner and professor at Columbia Journalism School, Amy Ellis Nutt.

A writer for New Jersey’s Star-Ledger for the past twelve years, Amy Nutt was easily able to agree with the importance of re-electing President Obama and was quick to characterize New Jersey governor Chris Christie as a an “[expletive], he’s a bully and he’s a liar.”

Nutt spoke with one of our undercover journalists ironically at an event titled, “Hiding in Plain Sight.”

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When asked to respond, Amy Nutt, while refusing to comment, vocalized her disagreement with our undercover tactics – a common thread among her “Ivory Tower” colleagues.

Note that we do appreciate the written response of Star-Ledger Editor Kevin Whitmer who had this to say when asked for comment on Amy Nutt’s bias for President Obama and against Gov. Christie:

Amy Nutt does not cover politics or “candidates.” She is a specialty writer who concentrates on long-form features. In addition to her Pulitzer Prize winning piece on the tragic wreck of a scallop boat off the New Jersey coast, she has spent large blocks of time recently writing about suicide, kidney donation and the 9/11 anniversary.

This will be our only response to any queries you have.

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Kevin Whitmer

However, Mr. Whitmer’s response does not appear to be true as our reporting shows that Amy Nutt covered Gov. Christie’s campaign in 2009.

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