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To Catch a Journalist – Part 2

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On Monday, Project Veritas started the release of its latest investigative series, “To Catch a Journalist.”

The reaction to our airing of Part One was both expected in some regards with the media elite taking the time to mock our efforts while unexpected in that we became the target of a late-night rant by a Pulitzer Prize winning professor from Columbia’s Journalism School.

Today, we’re shifting focus to the New York Times.

In our video, we interviewed a professor at NYU and writer for the New York Times (among others including the Huffington Post), Jay Rosen, as well as a consultant to the New York Times,Clay Shirky.

Their candid comments included the New York Times’ strategy to support Occupy Wall Street, Obama’s 2008 election and their place within the “chardonnay swilling” so-called media elite.

Watch the video here.

And stay tuned for more releases.

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