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They can’t stop talking about us because we drive them CRAZY

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Here we go again. Why is it that every time someone says something stupid, they immediately blame me and Project Veritas?

This time it’s Joe Williams, formerly of Politico, who was recently fired for making derogatory comments on MSNBC.

After he was canned, Williams wrote an email blaming his firing on “James O’Keefe’s brand of journalism,” by which I assume he means our relentless pursuit of the facts, regardless of the powerful people we upset along the way.

On that count we’re guilty as charged.

And if you watched HBO’s The Newsroom this week, you saw that Aaron Sorkin — who researched his latest show by hanging around the MSNBC studios with Keith Olbermann (whom I’m currently suing for defamation) — has Project Veritas on the brain too.

The thing is, we had nothing to do with Joe Williams getting fired, and I’ve never even met Aaron Sorkin.

They can’t stop talking about us because we drive them CRAZY.

But the best part about all these attacks is that the media talking heads haven’t even seen the latest footage we’re about to release.

That’s because I want YOU to see it first.

When you see what we caught this time, you probably won’t know whether to laugh or cry.But you will know why so many members of the media fear us.

I hope you don’t miss it.

Yours for Truth,

James O’Keefe

P.S. The media from Politico to HBO can’t stop talking about us, and they haven’t even seen what we’ve got coming next!

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