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Texas to Change Obamacare Navigator Rules

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The truth truly is a powerful thing. We saw that first hand after a series of Project Veritas videos uncovering fraudulent activity by Obamacare Navigators not only is changing the rules and regulations of the Navigator program in Texas but also is admittedly deterring organizations from taking part in the program. The Texas Tribune reported,


Republican lawmakers increased scrutiny of the
navigator program in Texas after Project Veritas
, a group led by conservative activist James O’Keefe, released a series of videos showing navigators in Dallas encouraging applicants to lie on their applications.”

The rules … would require navigators to undergo criminal background checks, comply with additional privacy training, and provide proof of identity and documentation that they complied with education requirements.”

At least two organizations that received navigator grants in Texas have backed out of the program in response to the state’s political pressure.”

Lawmakers are also making their voices heard demanding additional regulations.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said “As they attempt to recruit enrollment in Obamacare, this cadre of ‘navigators’ cannot get unregulated access to people’s personal information the way they might in other states … we must be on guard against the continuing missteps of the Obama Administration.

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