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Ted Cruz Calls Obamacare Navigator Fraud “Corrupt”

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NEW YORK, NY – In an interview over the weekend with NewsMax, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz commented on Project Veritas’ recent videos exposing Obamacare Navigators committing fraud by counseling applicants to lie on their applications. “The great thing about what James does is that he just runs a camera and lets people explain what they’re doing,” Cruz told Newsmax. “The navigators are all about using taxpayer money to fund partisan operatives, and that’s fundamentally corrupt. “It’s wrong. It’s misusing the machinery of government, and what James has done is simply put on film that these folks understand their partisan operatives. They’re not engaged in anything other than trying to mobilize people, to keep Democrats in power to maintain their control over our lives.” Read the entire story from NewsMax here.

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