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Teachers Union President To Kids: “I Will Kick Your F*****g Ass”

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  • “Do you really think I’m a motherfucker? Son, go for it and I’ll give you the first shot.” – Steve Wentz, President of United Teachers of Wichita

  • “I’ve done this more than once and I said, but I guarantee you, I will kick your fucking ass.”– Steve Wentz, President of United Teachers of Wichita

  • “Are you serious? I mean, yeah. If it was proven that I told a kid come at me, hit me and I will kick your ass. Oh yeah, they wouldn’t. I don’t know about Virginia, but Kansas would hang my ass out to dry.” — Steve Wentz, President of United Teachers of Wichita

The fourth video of the undercover teachers union series shows a systemic problem of corruption within the teachers union that extends far beyond New York City.

In the first video, union officials in Yonkers advised Project Veritas journalists on how to cover up child abuse and excessive absenteeism through an elaborate scenario which involved being kidnapped by drug cartel leaders. In the second video, Project Veritas exposed a hypocritical New Jersey middle school health teacher who offered undercover journalists cocaine, and his local union representative who said he wouldn’t report a drug abusing teacher. In the third video, other United Federation of Teachers (UFT) representatives across New York echoed the same unethical sentiments of the Yonkers and New Jersey officials who were caught on camera. In this fourth video, the President of the United Teachers of Wichita admits to physically assaulting children in the classroom and being protected by the union.

In James O’Keefe’s video, an interaction takes place between several Project Veritas journalists and Steve Wentz, the President of United Teachers of Wichita. Throughout several interactions, Wentz admits to being physically abusive to his students and not caring about the consequences since he is the president of the union.

When Project Veritas journalists first encountered Wentz, it was at the National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) between June 26-29, 2015 at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista in Buena Vista, FL. The Project Veritas journalist engaged him at the bar where Wentz made the following disturbing admission:

“Wichita State asked me to come out and talk to their new teachers in education about classroom discipline and I went… I mean, ex- military, I’m sure you… I mean you know, there were times in my class where I had a kid do something crazy and you know… I told him when the bell rings, I said hang on, hang on a minute, I want to talk to you. So the bell rings everybody leaves and I go over, shut the door, lock it, pull the shades down, take all my shit out of my pockets and I go, do you really want to kick my ass? Do you really think I’m a motherfucker? Son, go for it and I’ll give you the first shot.”

When the undercover journalist asked Wentz whether he did this to a student, he said, ““I’ve done this more than once and I said, but I will guarantee you, I will kick your fucking ass.”

Wentz admitted that the union would punish him for his actions if they ever found out, as he even described his actions as “over the line”. However, Project Veritas wanted to find out whether or not Wentz would admit to the same confession he made in Orlando, but while in his role as union president.

A different Project Veritas journalist posed as the uncle of the student who Wentz bragged about threatening and he confronted Wentz in Kansas. The journalist originally planned to confront Wentz at the union office where Wentz was clocked in, but a union employee said that Wentz was at a dentist appointment. When the PV journalist tracked Wentz down, he was at a coffee shop.

When the journalist confronted Wentz about his confession to threatening several students, Wentz denied it, saying, “I have never said that to a kid at school.”

However, when the journalist said that he would be contacting the union or the police, Wentz said, “Okay, go for it. I mean first of all, I’m the president of the union, so…,” suggesting that his position of authority would make him immune to any consequences.

After Wentz continued to deny what he originally said in Orlando, the PV journalist continued to press Wentz, who became increasingly more defensive and argumentative, using profanity and even resorting to threats. “What I say to my kids is my fucking business, Dan. This conversation is over and I tell you what? If you show up again, I’m gonna call the cops.”

“We’ve been contacted by parents and students across the country reacting to our last few teacher’s union videos about similar experiences they’ve had. Now we strongly encourage any students who have been threatened by Mr. Wentz to come forward and contact us at Project Veritas dot com. It’s clear Wentz doesn’t want to own up to his own actions and will use his “union president” position to protect himself. Wentz admits that what he did was wrong and if the union found out, he would be in trouble. But he isn’t worried. Why? Because Wentz is the union” said Project Veritas President James O’Keefe.

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