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Project Veritas Sends Google Letters to Congress

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Project Veritas sent a letter to several Members of Congress informing them about Project Veritas’ investigation of Google that raises some concerns regarding Google’s possible improper intervention in Federal elections which may violate laws like the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA).

The letter is a follow up to Project Veritas’ latest investigative report which includes undercover video of Google officials, leaked internal Google documents and emails, and statements provided by a Google insider.

We sent versions of the letter to several members of Congress:

  • Senator Ted Cruz

  • Rep. Louis Gohmert

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren

  • Senator Mike Lee

  • Senator Josh Hawley

  • Senator Richard Blumenthal

  • Senator Ed Markey

  • Rep. David Cicilline

  • Rep. Steve King

  • Rep. Jim Jordan

  • Senator Mark Warner

Read the letter we sent to Senator Ted Cruz below:


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