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Project Veritas Launches New Digital Ad Campaign Featured in New York City’s Times Square with the Goal of Recruiting Mainstream Media, Big Tech, Government and Hollywood Insiders

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Key Points

  • Times Square ad displays CNN Director Charlie Chester bragging about his network’s fear-mongering for ratings: “COVID? Gangbusters with ratings.”

  • Insider ad also shows Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe smashing TVs during the filming of “Oligarchy” defamation anthem.

  • Ad will be played in loop at Times Square for the next three months.

  • Veritas encourages Insiders working within Mainstream Media, Big Tech, Government, and Hollywood to reach out via email: or Signal: 914-653-3110.

[NEW YORK – May 7, 2021] Project Veritas launched a new Insider recruitment ad in New York City this week, located on the corner of 1500 Broadway Avenue and 43rd Street. It will be played in loop at this Times Square location for the next three months.

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The digital ad features CNN Director Charlie Chester, who was recently exposed by Project Veritas, bragging about how his network pushes fear on the public to drive ratings.

“COVID? Gangbusters with ratings,” Chester is shown saying.

The Times Square billboard also displays Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe smashing TVs during the filming of “Oligarchy,” an anthem that announced Veritas’ expanded legal efforts to fight back against media defamation.

As New York City is quickly removing lockdown restrictions, foot traffic at Times Square is increasing. Hundreds of thousands are expected to see this latest Insider advertisement.

New York Times’ headquarters is located just a few blocks away from the ad.

Project Veritas seeks to inspire whistleblowers working within corrupt public and private institutions to come forward and inform the public of the wrongdoing they are witnessing. Contact Veritas securely at or through Signal: 914-653-3110.

About Project Veritas

Project Veritas is a non-profit investigative news organization conducting undercover reporting. Project Veritas investigates and exposes corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions to achieve a more ethical and transparent society. Project Veritas is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.