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Project Veritas Investigates: Voter Fraud III (Vermont)

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On Vermont Primary Day, Project Veritas sent a team of investigators into polling places throughout the state with a list of both deceased and still-living voters to see if they would be permitted to vote without presenting a photo ID.

Our team tested multiple polling places, simply walking up and stating the name of the registered voter and in all cases — they were offered ballots.

While our investigators cast no votes and returned the ballots, there was nothing stopping our team, or anyone else, from illegally influencing the outcome of a presidential primary.

In fact, as shown in the video, Project Veritas investigators insisted on presenting identification in order to vote, but were told repeatedly, “you don’t need it.”

One investigator was eerily told, “We believe you.”

In contrast, Project Veritas’ team also tested the integrity of other establishments in Vermont: Bars and Hotels.  Our investigators were repeatedly turned away for their failure to present a photo ID.

Watch the video for yourself here. More to come . . .

(Unlike the establishment media, Project Veritas works to release full, unedited versions of its investigations and stories.  To see the unedited videos from part three of the Voter Fraud investigation, click here.

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