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President Trump Thanks Project Veritas Tech Investigations at White House Social Media Summit

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On July 11th, 2019, during the Social Media Summit at the White House, President Trump thanked James O’Keefe and Project Veritas for investigating big tech companies. Below is a transcript of the remarks President Trump made:

“We have censorship like nobody has any understanding or nobody can believe. When you see the Google executives, together, and one of their executives decides to… there he is, stand up please! How good… what a great job. Somebody said he’s controversial. He’s not controversial, he’s truthful. He’s truthful. That was a great job. That was one of many. Thank you very much.”

“I’ve watched some of these scenes that have been taped and got through talented people by the way, that have gotten to the public where you see the hatred about our party about our people about our voice. And you see, that’s the collusion.”

“They were totally against me… We didn’t know how far its gets until we, until we had certain of our friends and geniuses that broke into board rooms, you know, got them right in the middle of a meeting. That was incredible, what a service you do, okay? You don’t get credit for it, you should get credit for it.”

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