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Politico Misfires in Attack on Project Veritas

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It’s been awhile since Politico took a swipe at James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. Unfortunately, yesterday’s post by Dave Levinthal was so rife with omissions that it barely even rises to the level of hit piece.

After noting that James is slated to headline a luncheon in Tampa during the GOP Convention, Levinthal went on to insightfully point out that, “liberals often deride [O’Keefe] as deceptive.”

Of course, Levinthal failed to mention that the loudest critics of our work are usually the folks we’ve exposed, like ACORN and NPR.

But it gets worse. Ignoring all of our work this year exposing voter fraud, Levinthal instead focuses on O’Keefe’s arrest two years ago and implies that Project Veritas has not produced any investigations recently by saying we’ve “fallen on tough times.”

That is simply not true. Not only does Project Veritas have a loyal group of supporters who make our work possible, we’ve been more productive than ever this year.

It’s too bad that Dave didn’t mention any of the countless articles that have been written about Project Veritas and our voter fraud and stimulus fraud reports in 2012.

Or he could have quoted one of the legislators who credited our work with helping to pass laws protecting voter integrity in New Hampshire, Minnesota, and several other states.

He could even have asked James O’Keefe himself to comment, but he didn’t.

Nevertheless, in an effort to get the story straight, O’Keefe contacted Dave Levinthal at Politico to explain the problems with his article and was told that the piece would be updated to reflect their conversation.

We’ll be waiting.

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