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PHOTO GALLERY: O’Keefe Speaks to Seacoast Republican Women in NH

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James O’Keefe spoke to the Seacoast Republican Women in Portsmouth, NH on March 18, 2016. Here’s an example of the media coverage the event received. For additional information about the issues surrounding the media coverage, please refer to this press release from our sister organization Project Veritas Action. Here are some photographs of the event, courtesy of the Seacoast Republican Women.

DSC 7665-L-Wickett
DSC 7664
DSC 7663-L-Wickett
DSC 7660-L-Wickett
DSC 7659-L-Wickett
DSC 7657-L-Wickett
DSC 7654-L-Wickett
DSC 7640-L-Wickett
DSC 7634-L-Wickett
DSC 7626-L-Wickett
DSC 7621-L-Wickett
DSC 7618-L-Wickett
DSC 7604-L-Wickett
DSC 7597-L-Wickett
DSC 7592-L-Wickett
DSC 7591-L-Wickett
DSC 7581-L-Wickett
DSC 7580-L-Wickett
DSC 7536-L-Wickett
DSC 7462-L-Wickett
DSC 7457-L-Wickett
DSC 7444-L-Wickett
DSC 7433-L-Wickett
DSC 7427-L-Wickett
DSC 7422-L-Wickett
DSC 7419-L-Wickett
DSC 7416-L-Wickett
DSC 7415-L-Wickett
DSC 7414-L-Wickett
DSC 7413-L-Wickett
DSC 7412-L-Wickett
DSC 7411-L-Wickett
DSC 7410-L-Wickett
DSC 7409-L-Wickett
DSC 7408-L-Wickett
DSC 7407-L-Wickett
DSC 7406-L-Wickett
DSC 7405-L-Wickett
DSC 7404-L-Wickett
DSC 7403-L-Wickett
DSC 7402-L-Wickett
DSC 7401-L-Wickett
DSC 7400-L-Wickett
DSC 7399-L-Wickett
DSC 7398-L-Wickett
DSC 7397-L-Wickett
DSC 7396-L-Wickett
DSC 7394-L-Wickett
DSC 7389-L-Wickett
DSC 7381-L-Wickett
DSC 7379-L-Wickett
DSC 7377-L-Wickett
DSC 7375-L-Wickett
DSC 7374-L-Wickett
DSC 7372-L-Wickett
DSC 7370-L-Wickett
DSC 7368-L-Wickett
DSC 7366-L-Wickett
DSC 7364-L-Wickett
2-DSC 7666-L-Wickett

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