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Obamacare Navigator Fraud Rampant, Not “Isolated Incident”

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Project Veritas releases 2nd undercover investigation

New York, NY – Today Project Veritas released a second investigation exposing more Obamacare navigators counseling applicants to lie and cheat the health care system by erroneously reporting income status, health history, and more.


Critics said the first video was an isolated incident so we decided to visit with even more navigators funded by American tax dollars,” said James O’Keefe, President of Project Veritas. “What we found was disturbing and showed a clear pattern of fraud inside the Obamacare navigator program.”

But then the investigation took a turn we couldn’t foresee. Not only were our investigators encouraged to defraud the health care system of earned income, we learned that many additional agencies will have access to private health care records after submitting applications.”

In reaction to the first video investigation, the Obamacare navigators involved were fired and suspended and Texas U.S. Senator John Cornyn demanded a dismantling the Obamacare navigator program in a speech on the Senate floor. This is just the second video in a series of Obamacare investigations to be released in the coming weeks. The purpose of these investigations is not to advocate for defunding or the repeal of Obamacare but to expose waste, fraud, and abuse within the system.

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