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Obamacare Investigation Spurs Additional Hearings

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Project Veritas caught Obamacare Navigators in Texas counseling applicants to lie about their income status and health status to get a lower premium and even worse conspiring to sell Texan’s personal health data for political purposes.

A media firestorm ensued, lawmakers called for the dissolution of the Navigator program, an investigation was launched into Obama’s Enroll America, and a Congressional hearing was held to address the health care navigators lack of training, among other things.

The hearings and reaction continues today when the Texas Department of Insurance will hold its last public hearing regarding the state’s regulation of health care navigators.

This hearing will discuss potential additional regulations Texas will put in place to protect consumers since the federal government has failed to do so. These navigator regulations would include proof of U.S. citizenship or immigration status to obtain employment in U.S., documentation of compliance with education requirements, fingerprinting and background check and evidence of financial responsibility to protect individuals against wrongful acts.

These are the results of real investigative journalism where courage, a camera and Youtube can change the narrative and change laws!

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