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Obamacare fraud just the beginning

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As reported by MyFox4 in Dallasthe Urban League of Greater Dallas fired one person and suspended three others after Project Veritas broke an under cover investigation showing Obamacare navigators counseling applicants to “lie” about their income status, defrauding the federal government, American taxpayers, and families who truly need quality health care. In a statement, the Urban League of Greater Dallas called for the unedited video of the incidents to be released and said, “the full context of these comments is not reflected in the video.”

Project Veritas releases full, raw, unedited video with every investigation. The full, unedited video was posted to the Project Veritas Youtube page Tuesday morning, prior to any response from the Urban League. Project Veritas encourages everyone to watch the full video and let the video speak for itself.

The impact of these investigations is just beginning. Senator Cornyn responded today on the Senate floor, demanding dismantling the Obamacare navigator program.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott also responded saying Project Veritas’ “undercover video shows the kind of rampant fraud that is possible because of the Obama administration’s failure to enact rules that properly govern and manage the program.”

Stay tuned for more videos to be released this week and next week.

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