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NYT reporter livid, CNN seeks to get Veritas reporting banned on Facebook

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Key Points

  • CNN’s Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy Tweeted: “Facebook Spox Says Company is Removing a @JamesOKeefeIII Video Posted Today for Violating its Policies on COVID-19 Misinfo.”

  • Oliver Darcy: “Spokespeople for Twitter and YouTube Say the Video Doesn’t Break their Platform’s Policies on COVID-19 Misinformatione.”

  • New York Times Reporter Andrew Jacobs Responds to Veritas Video on Coronavirus Pandemic: “This is Disgraceful.”

  • James O’Keefe and Veritas Journalist Tested Negative for Coronavirus

Project Veritas published a video a yesterday featuring James O’Keefe, a Veritas undercover journalist, and an Army National Guardsman at a New Rochelle testing site. The footage was predicted to shock some, and it resulted in CNN’s Oliver Darcy reporting that Facebook will ban the video from their platform.  

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Also, a New York Times reporter, Andrew Jacobs, expressed his outrage about yesterday’s video and replied to Project Veritas’ email: “This is disgraceful. Why not talk to the families of the thousands of people who have died and the thousands of others on ventilators?” Clearly, Jacobs believes that Veritas has an angle to this story, when, in fact, Project Veritas’ mission is to report what takes place at these testing centers for the public’s right to know.

NYT Response

"The rollout of our findings does not endorse COVID-19 behavior one way or another, nor do we encourage others. Our goal is to inform the public and allow the public to make judgments on the issues," said O'Keefe. "Emotionally driven, knee-jerk reactions journalists are the last thing the public should be subjected to in a time of crisis."

On Tuesday night, Oliver Darcy claimed that Facebook said it would remove our video “for violating its policies on COVID-19 misinfo." Apparently CNN believes the comments of the brave men and women working on the frontlines of a COVID-19 test center are inappropriate for the public to hear.

However, spokespeople for Twitter and YouTube said the video didn't break their policies.

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In yesterday’s video, medical personnel administered a COVID-19 nasal swab on O'Keefe and another Veritas journalist, both of whom tested negative.

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