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North Carolina State Bans U.S. Constitution in Dormitory

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  • Officials at N.C. State Plan to Ensure “that there is no longer any Constitutions in the entry way of Berry Hall”

  • Unlike Other Colleges, Officials at Duke and UNC Refuse to Destroy U.S. Constitution

  • UNC Official Not Only Refuses to Ban Constitution, but Suggests that Project Veritas Journalist Needs “Professional” Help

Award-winning journalist and New York Times’ best-selling author James O’Keefe released a troubling, yet encouraging, and powerful video showing officials at Duke University and the University of North Carolina refusing to destroy the U.S. Constitution, while an official at North Carolina State University seemingly agrees to ban the Constitution from the entryway of one of the dorms.

Previously, Project Veritas released two similar videos, the first one showing a Vassar College official shredding a Constitution. The second video shows an official at Cornell shredding the Constitution, an official at Syracuse cutting up the Constitution with a pair of scissors, and an official at Yale ripping up the Constitution with his bare hands.

In this video, Project Veritas shows a divide in the Tar Heel state. While officials at Duke and UNC acted responsibly, officials at NC State seemingly agreed to ban the constitution in the entryway of one residence hall.

In this O’Keefe video, North Carolina State University’s Assistant Equal Opportunity Officer Carley Wyche is captured on hidden camera responding to a request from a Project Veritas journalist to remove the Constitution from her dorm: “Especially it is you know, [the Constitution] being such a trigger for you and if there is not a reason for it to be there, that I do not see a reason why we could not.”

Conversely, when asked the same question, Howard Kallem, Office for Institutional Equity at Duke University; Director, Title 1X Compliance stated: “I really doubt that because again, it is part of, we do believe in academic freedom here and this is the part of that.”

Similarly, Katie Nolan, UNC’s Interim Title IX Compliance Coordinator replied: “Okay, well we can look at the policy and what the definition of harassment is, I can tell you that we’re not going to be able to ban distribution of the Constitution on the campus for several reasons.”

When asked about shredding the Constitution, Ms. Nolan responsibly replied: “That’s not something that we are going to do here, I would encourage you to go, I am not a therapist, but whatever is helpful for you with the trained professional, I would encourage you bring that to that venue…. That’s not something we are going to do in this office, yeah.”

“While they may be bitter rivals on the basketball front, it is encouraging to see that Duke and UNC can find common ground in defense of the U.S. Constitution,” says Project Veritas President James O’Keefe. “Sadly, not all of the Universities in North Carolina acted as rationally and responsibly as Duke and UNC. N.C. State’s pledge to ban the Constitution from the entryway of Berry Hall is unconscionable.”

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