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NJ State Senate President Calls for Legislative Hearings into NJEA after Project Veritas Videos

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The source alleges that Sweeney was disturbed by the “outrageous behavior” of union representatives caught on undercover camera explaining how they “defend even the worst people,” and that they protect the pension of a “teacher who had sex with” a teenage girl.

Project Veritas will continue to monitor updates in this development.


State Senate President Stephen Sweeney has officially called for a legislative hearing to investigate the NJEA officials who were caught on camera explaining how they defend abusive teachers.

Sweeney told NJ Advance Media:

“[If union leadership] devised a way to get around reporting properly incidents in schools where kids have been physically assaulted, it’s a problem… It’s a real problem.”

“I think it’s enough issue when you have local leadership bragging about how they get around things, and how they can fix things, that it needs to be reviewed to make sure it stops.”

Sweeney dismissed NJEA’s criticism of Project Veritas, saying, “they can attack the videos and who did the videos all they want. But those words were real, those actions were real, and they need to be dealt with.”

The State Senate President added:

“The NJEA doing their own independent investigation is the fox watching the henhouse.”

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