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More Media Coverage of NJ Teacher Caught Offering Cocaine

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Here’s a quick overview of this week’s news regarding the second video in our new series on teachers unions, which we released last Wednesday.

Chasing News covered our investigation and interviewed James O’Keefe about his tactics and the content of the video. The Chasing News panel then discussed how the narrative of the story has shifted from a health teacher getting caught offering cocaine, to how James O’Keefe gained access to Howell Township middle school to film Robert Klein.

“What’s really interesting about this story is that the debate centers around the gathering of the video opposed to the conversation of this teacher talking about drug use and being able to use the knowledge from the K-9 units to get away with it. There’s certainly a systemic problem out there.” — Chasing News reporter

The Hispanic media also covered our investigation. El Diario New York reported that the Howell Township police are now investigating Robert Klein, the health teacher Project Veritas journalists caught on camera discussing his drug use as a teacher and how he avoids getting caught.

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