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MORE LEAKS: Facebook Whistleblowers Reveal Secret 'Filter' for 'Liberty-Based' and 'Religious-Based' 'Objections & Skepticism,' Including 'Vaccine Passports'

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Key Points

  • On the heels of Project Veritas’ Bombshell Facebook Insider release on Monday – there is more information coming out from our Insider’s leaked documents, expanding on the company’s efforts to stifle comments critical or skeptical of COVID-19 vaccines.  

  • In addition to classifying Coronavirus-related comments into a Tier 1 and Tier 2 system in the name of demoting “Vaccine Hesitancy,” there is also a Tier 3 category which “filters” content that expresses -- or advocates for -- objections or skepticism about vaccines, based on personal beliefs or opinions, including:

  • “Liberty-based objections or skepticism,” “Religious-based objections or skepticism,” “Personal objections or skepticism,” “Political & Institutional-based vaccine objections or skepticism,” and “Development-based vaccine objections or skepticism.”

  • “Expressing objections or concerns about being pressured to vaccinate by a vaccine registry or ‘vaccine passports’” also ranks comments as Tier 3 “Vaccine Hesitancy” to be “filtered.”

  • These Tier 3 comments are not “demoted” like Tier 2 comments. Instead, T3 comments receive the action “FB+IG: Filter from preview/inline,” meaning the comment will not be prominently featured in the comments section under a Facebook or Instagram post.

  • Facebook was forced to comment on these leaked documents after Veritas’ release and added that the company also made an information update for their users following our inquiry.

  • A statement from a Facebook Company Spokesperson Read: "We proactively announced this policy on our company blog and also updated our help center with this information.”

[Westchester, NY – May 25, 2021] More information has come to light in Project Veritas’ bombshell Facebook insider story with regard to comment suppression. 

After two Facebook Insiders leaked internal documents showing a plan to demote “vaccine hesitancy” (VH) comments – They also revealed certain content is ranked through a “tier” system. 

Tiers 1 and 2, which were featured in PV’s previous story, dealt with “alarmism and criticism” and “indirect discouragement.” Tier 3 is even more subtle and seeks to police “objections and skepticism” to the coronavirus vaccine.  

B2V action Map thumb

Tier 3 level comments are also described as being “Objections & Skepticism: Personal choice & beliefs, Objections & Skepticism: Institutions & development” and “Other Vaccine Discussion & Debate.” 

FB doc Objections & Skepticism thumb

Personal objections or skepticism about the vaccine can be someone posting a similar message to: “I’m not sure I want to vaccinate.” 

Even a user expressing something as simple as “general concerns about others vaccinating,” would be cause enough for Facebook to regulate the comment through “filtering.” 

Tier 3 thumb

Expressing concern “about being pressured to vaccinate by a vaccine registry” or the subject of “vaccine passports” also ranks comments as Tier 3 “Vaccine Hesitancy,” to be “filtered” by Facebook. 

tier 3 objections thumb

Tier 4 posts are described as “neutral” remarks and has the words “no action” listed next to it.  Whereas with a Tier 1 comment, the action listed reads in part, “Demote, Reduce in Search.” 

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