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Medicaid Fraud Investigation Becoming Nationwide Scandal

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In the wake of the latest report released by Project Veritas this week, which shows Ohio Medicaid workers helping men claiming to be Russian drug smugglers apply for health benefits, state and local agencies under pressure from an outraged public have opened investigations of their own.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine called the footage “outrageous,” while the Columbus Dispatch has reported that both “State and county Medicaid officials said the video was alarming.”

Ben Johnson, a spokesman for the Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services, told the local NBC affiliate:

“If somebody comes in and says I’m a — Russian multi millionaire here illegally dealing drugs the appropriate responses get out of my office… [W]e’re going to take this video and we’re going to use it as a training video,”

Do Johnson’s comments mean that Medicaid workers who give out billions in tax dollars every year haven’t already been trained to deal with cases of fraud involving potential criminal activity?

With America running annual deficits in the trillions of dollars (much of it due to wasteful entitlement spending), it is nothing short of disgraceful that Project Veritas and our citizen journalists are the first ones to expose such gaping loopholes in Ohio’s Medicaid system.

And with similar investigations just released in South Carolina and New York, the fallout from Ohio is only the beginning.

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