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Media Wrap-up | Deep State Unmasked

The successful release of the first three videos in the Deep State Unmasked series led to statements from four federal government agencies indicating they will take corrective actions. The videos have also accrued massive media exposure, including back-to-back prime-time television spots as well as being aired on nearly 200 local news stations in over 100 markets across the country. Even the Washington Post covered the stories POSITIVELY! Below are some of the media that we noticed. Let us know on Twitter which ones we missed!

Sean Hannity Plays GAO Auditor Footage at Vegas Trump Rally

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Responds to Deep State Video on Laura Ingraham’s Show

Rush Limbaugh Covers Deep State Unmasked Videos

Tucker Carlson Covers Deep State Unmasked DOJ Video

Shannon Bream Discusses Deep State Unmasked Department of State Video

Deep State Unmasked Discussed on The Story With Martha MacCallum

James O’Keefe Discusses Deep State Unmasked with Sean Hannity

Local News Package Covers Deep State Unmasked Series

Websites and Newspapers