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Media Updates From Last Two Teachers Union Investigations

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Here’s a quick overview of this week’s news regarding the second video in our new series on teachers unions, which we released last Wednesday.

First of all, CBS News 2 is reporting that Robert Klein, the middle school health teacher we caught on camera has been suspended. When they spoke with Howell Township Public Schools Superintendent Joseph Isola, he said in a statement:

“The employee in question has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of our investigation. This is a personnel matter and we are not at liberty to discuss further at this time.”

The Office of the Chief of Police in Howell Township, New Jersey couldn’t seem to decide whose side to take after seeing the video, so they released a public statement on the Howell Township Police Facebook page criticizing James O’Keefe’s tactics.

When we first called the NJEA, they refused to comment on our investigation. But according to Brian Thompson at NBC 4, the NJEA told him “this is a smear campaign”, in reference to our investigation in which we caught a health teacher bragging about his drug use and offering drugs to undercover reporters at the NJEA Conference.

Robert Klein, the middle school health teacher who was caught on camera offering Project Veritas reporters cocaine has reportedly obtained a lawyer, James Uliano, who released this statement, as reported by News 12 New Jersey:

“The outfit responsible for this video has a history of this outrageous conduct. Mr. Klein will explore all legal options for the damage to his reputation.”

The media is still covering our first teachers union investigation from Yonkers. The Journal News reported that the American Federation of Teachers has hired an investigator to investigate the two union officials who were caught on camera in our investigation. The Journal News also reported that the AFT president is aware of Project Veritas’s teachers union investigations.

“We have asked Thacher to lead a thorough investigation of all sides of the episode. The scope will include determining if there was any breach of the professional and ethical obligations that these teacher union officials have to our students, parents, educators and the broader community,” said AFT president Randi Weingarten.

Here is more coverage from Asbury Park, and a radio segment from WINS-AM.

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