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Leonnig Wins Polk Award; No Mention Of Her O’Keefe Retractions

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Sunday, Carol D. Leonnig received a George Polk Award for her coverage exposing false and incomplete accounts provided by the Secret Service. Ms. Leonnig, a veteran Washington Post journalist, was forced to issue multiple front-page retractions after falsely claiming James O’Keefe had racial motivations pertaining to the now defunct ACORN and incorrectly stating that he faced charges for allegedly planning to bug then-Senator Mary Landrieu’s office.

“While I congratulate Ms. Leonnig on her Polk Award for her coverage of the Secret Service, I only wish she had held herself to the same journalistic standard in her coverage of Project Veritas, which resulted in the Washington Post issuing multiple front-page retractions,” says James O’Keefe.

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