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James O’Keefe to Give Lecture at University in Maine

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In September, James O’Keefe is scheduled to give a lecture on his career as a citizen journalist to a gathering of activists at the University of Southern Maine.

Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, O’Keefe’s talk will take place on Friday, September 16th at 7:00 pm. The suggested donation for tickets is $15, payable at the door. Seats can be reserved by registering here.

This event will mark O’Keefe’s first trip to the state since the release of a recent undercover investigation revealing widespread Medicaid fraud in Maine and across the country.

Abuse of the Medicaid system has long been a political elephant in the room, but millions of Americans were still shocked to see firsthand evidence of the casual way in which public employees conspired to defraud taxpayers in seven different states.

In fact, when news of the footage first broke, Maine’s Governor LePage went so far as to thank Project Veritas for bringing the severity of the problem to his attention.

An article promoting O’Keefe’s lecture on AFP’s website states that investigations by Project Veritas “expose corruption and malfeasance in major taxpayer-funded institutions, including ACORN, Planned Parenthood, the U.S. Census Bureau, and elected officials. One expose featured the New Jersey teachers union and was hailed by N.J. Governor Chris Christie as “enlightening and enraging.”

“In addition to his own reporting, James is committed to empowering the next generation of citizen journalists. From student newspaper editors to bloggers to video producers, enterprising young reporters across the country look to James for inspiration, advice, and encouragement.”

That’s true. Newspapers as far away as England have acknowledged the impact of O’Keefe’s groundbreaking style and the undeniable results achieved by his work.

Aspiring journalists can see for themselves the degradation that has taken place in the mainstream media, and they know where the future lies. Not in bowing down to the establishment, but in breaking real stories of corruption through the kind of hard-hitting investigative reporting being done by Project Veritas and our growing army of muckrakers.

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