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James O’Keefe Takes On a Hairy Hillbilly Hippie Hater

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In this latest video from James O’Keefe’s recent college campus tour, O’Keefe takes on a Hairy Hillbilly Hippie Hater during a Q & A session at Western Carolina University. When O’Keefe allows the man an opportunity to ask a question, the man fumbles and isn’t able to form a coherent sentence or question about O’Keefe or the subject of his talk.

Instead, the Hippie Hater engages O’Keefe in a tirade about why O’Keefe needs to ask for forgiveness for his journalism, because “like Leewater and your buddy Breitbart, you’re a professional liar, and you love it. You have some deficit in your life that you’re compelled to do this, like Breitbart,” said the Hippie Hater.

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