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James O’Keefe Interviews Ardent Defender of First Amendment

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Judith Miller Discusses Investigative Journalism, First Amendment

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Project Veritas President and award-winning journalist James O’Keefe released his recent interview with veteran reporter Judith Miller today. The unique interview covers a wide range of topics and examines the failures of modern American media.

Ms. Miller, a long time reporter for the New York Times, where she won a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of Osama Bin Laden, speaks with O’Keefe about what true journalism entails: “It’s skepticism that unites us, it’s challenging conventional and comfortable narratives,” says Ms. Miller. “It’s opening yourselves up to an idea that at first seems absurd or even repugnant but hearing the other person out. Now some people consider that the heart of liberalism but I found much more of it at RightOnline than I did a lot of traditionally classically liberal circles. “

Ms. Miller also speaks with O’Keefe about her new book, The Story, as well as a host of topics she has covered during her storied career. O’Keefe and Miller discuss her coverage of Scooter Libby, both Iraq wars, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), and her time in jail for refusing to reveal a confidential source. “It was a time to really reflect,” says Ms. Miller, who spent 85 days in jail. “It was difficult, but once I decided I would consider it a reporting assignment, it was not uninteresting.”

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