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James O’Keefe Confronts George Soros’s Open Society Foundation Over Lack of Accountability and Transparency

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James O’Keefe, president and founder of Project Veritas released an entertaining new video today showing employees of the Open Society Foundation evading questions from O’Keefe and Polish activist Matthew Tyrmand.

In this new video, O’Keefe and Tyrmand confront Open Society employees outside of their office headquarters in New York City to see whether or not they are funding radical far-left movements in Europe and the United States. Project Veritas wanted to see if the Open Society was willing to uphold its foundation’s mission statement, which supposedly includes openness and transparency.

O’Keefe and Tyrmand confronted a large number of Open Society Foundation employees, majority of whom would not admit they worked for the foundation and even denied that they worked for the foundation. Tyrmand and others believe George Soros and his foundation have funded radical movements, both foreign and domestic, including Black Lives Matter.

O’Keefe and Tyrmand planned to confront the Open Society Foundation to expose their questionable activities. O’Keefe posed as a Hungarian investor and connected with Dana Geraghty, a Program Director at the Open Society Foundation. She called O’Keefe and left a voicemail, and when O’Keefe showed up at the Open Society Foundation, the security guard said, “”I don’t think she’s going to be seeing you today. I’m just being honest.”

When O’Keefe said, “How do you know that?” The security guard responded by saying, “Because I spoke to her.”

Clearly the Open Society Foundation isn’t so open.

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