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Howell Township Principal, Administrators, and NJEA Respond To Cocaine Video

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The second video of the undercover teacher’s union series shows how teachers don’t practice what they preach and could potentially get away with drug abuse on campus, courtesy of the union. In the video, Robert Klein, a middle school health teacher in New Jersey invites PV journalists to his room at the Borgata Hotel to party. While in his room, Klein offers the undercover journalists cocaine and tells them about his drug use as a teacher.

After the second video was released, we called Michael D’Anna, the interim principal of Howell Township Middle School South to get a comment. He said, “we are aware of the video and it has become a personnel matter. We are looking into it. That teacher is not here today.”

When our journalist asked him for more information, D’Anna said, “I can’t tell you about the investigation. That’s a personnel matter.”

However, D’Anna said that there would be an investigation and that “we are taking it very seriously.” 

We also called the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) to get a comment as well, but the NJEA secretary said, “I have no comment for you”.

When we called the Howell Township Administrative Office, they also had no comment, saying, “unfortunately I…there is no comment I can make at this point, we don’t have any of that information available.”

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