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Governor LePage Thanks Project Veritas for Exposing Medicaid Fraud in Maine

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In a statement to the media just hours after the latest installment of Project Veritas’ Medicaid fraud investigation was released in Maine, Governor LePage took full responsibility for the actions of his state’s workers.

Then he even went a step further by saying, “I want to thank the individual who took this video.”

On behalf of Project Veritas and our supporters: You’re welcome, Mr. Governor. Predictably, LePage then went on to blame “poor training” for the advice given by one worker with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to “Ted Ceanneidigh” on how to hide his illegal income when applying for Medicaid benefits.

“They’re going to ask if you have income. You don’t have to go into details,” she said. “You don’t have a paycheck, you don’t file taxes, you have no income.”

That doesn’t sound like poor training, it sounds like conspiracy to commit Medicaid fraud.

As the director of Americans for Prosperity-Maine asked, “How many Ted Ceanneidighs out there were advised by DHHS workers to hide their income?”

That’s a good question, and not just in Maine. With the release of our sixth report, Project Veritas has now exposed rampant Medicaid fraud in SEVEN different states. Is there any doubt that this is a nationwide problem?

How many billions of tax dollars have Ted Ceanneidighs all over America stolen from our broken system?

Joining elected officials in several other states, Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew admitted that fraud has been an issue in the Medicaid program for years.

Of course, the taxpayers in Maine and across the country already knew that.

What they need to know now is: How does the government intend to end this shocking waste of their money?

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