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Free… For Now

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I have endured 1,210 days of unjust government surveillance and oppression, but today I am a free man.

I have a new video for you, and I think you’ll find that it picks up right where my persecution left off.

I was placed on probation because the judge who sentenced me destroyed my video, which would have exonerated me. Today, we still see the federal government overstepping its bounds and severely limiting freedom of the press.

In this video, you’ll see this disturbing trend continues unabated.

Project Veritas sent undercover video journalists to investigate a California bill known as the “homeless bill of rights,” which makes it legal to loiter and panhandle anywhere.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so we assumed the well-meaning Assemblymen supporting this bill would welcome homeless drifters in their own neighborhoods.

What we found, however, was startlingly different.

In fact, as you’ll see in the video, California legislators who supported the bill were the only ones who objected to their vagrancy!

This level of hypocrisy is astounding, but in my experience, it is par for the course.

Shocking? Assemblyman Roger Dickinson immediately (D-Sacramento) called the police to disburse our investigators.

Following the officer’s advice, they proceeded to a more urban setting.

And the story only gets worse from there.

In downtown San Francisco, our investigators were threatened by none other than the federal Department of Homeland Security, following a day of recording outside the office building where this bill originated – that of Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco).

The intimidation tactics you’ll see this DHS agent using are appalling.

He obviously wants to confiscate our video tape, even though it was recorded legally.

Given my experiences with overzealous, political witch hunt prosecution, I am very weary of these attempts to silence the press.

We must stand up for a free press. When we see behavior like this, and the behavior of Obama’s Department of Justice against Fox News and the Associated Press, we must not lay back and take it.

Project Veritas will continue to fight, and if you can give any amount to support our work, it will enhance our ability to keep the press free.

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