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Footage Reveals Medicaid Fraud in Six States and Counting

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In yet another blow to the establishment, the latest in a series of reports documenting widespread Medicaid fraud has been released by Project Veritas. This video shows a worker in Richmond, VA telling one admitted drug dealer who claims to own an $800,000 car, “just leave that off your application.”

So far, similar evidence of fraud has been exposed in six states:Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York and Virginia. And as the staggering fiscal implications of this nationwide scandal begin to sink in, anger toward those responsible is growing.

Even critics of Project Veritas, who were initially vocal in their claims that cases of fraud were “isolated,” have since been stunned into silence by the deluge of incriminating footage.

What is most troubling about the videos is not the casual way in which government employees condone criminal activity, but their eagerness to assist in defrauding the Medicaid system at taxpayer expense.

Now, under intense pressure from those same taxpayers, elected officials have begun responding to our reports:

*Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s Attorney General, and Governor Bob McDonnell have ordered separate investigations by the State Police and the AG’s Medicaid Fraud unit.

*The City of Richmond itself is reviewing our tapes to see if any crimes were committed.

*In South Carolina, the state’s Health and Human Services Director has vowed to “fully investigate the situation and involve the Attorney General if needed.”

*Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has seen the videos from his state and called them “outrageous.” He promised his Medicaid fraud unit would be investigating.

*Ohio Governor John Kasich weighed-in over Twitter telling followers, “We owe it to taxpayers.  Govt officials are taking fraud, waste, abuse seriously.”

Of course, they do owe it to us. But more promises for oversight and accountability from the people responsible for the broken system will likely be met with justified skepticism by the American public.

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